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10 May 2013 @ 09:26 pm
3 years ago, I saw them on Philippine TV.
That changed my life for the better.
May 10, 2010. Exactly the same month and date right now, I met the people who were my inspiration from the last 3 years.
Many have changed,many things happened. I met new people who eventually became my friends to family. I have been together with lovely people for the past 3 years. I talked, spazzed, cried, laughed, stalked and trolled with them. These lovely people who called "Super Junior" and "E.L.F" who made me feel that life with them is really a roller coaster ride. I learned not just "a lot", but I learned "many, many meaningful things in life" that only E.L.F also learned from each other. I became part of this crazy family, and I'm proud of it. If one will ask me what's the best thing that ever happened in my life, I will be proudly say that it's "meeting Super Junior and E.L.F!"  The reason why also have precious friends from other fandoms, in this crazy, K-POP world. For 3 years, I am watching SJ from afar, but it feels too close because of E.L.F who are always there to bond with. I may not be an ELF from the start but it feels like I am since the day I was born. This is my fate. My destiny. Thank you for the 3 years~~ 3 years until forever. As what Leeteuk always says "Not and END, but an AND". I promise that someday, when I already have wrinkles,have kids with maybe a normal person, I will still celebrate this day, because I know, that I will never get tired of loving these people. The best people. To Park Jungsoo, Kim Heechul[ Happy 3rd Anniversary to us :), Hangeng, Kim Jongwoon, Kim Youngwoon, Shin Donghee, Lee Sungmin, Lee Hyukjae, Zhoumi, Lee Donghae, Choi Siwon, Kim Ryeowook, Kim Kibum, Cho Kyuhyun, Henry Lau, and lastly to E.L.F, 사랑해요. :")

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23 February 2013 @ 12:56 am
#亀梨くん祝27歳 #happykameday


To my KAT-TUN ichiban (together with Bakanishi, his other half), a very hardworking person and serves as an inspiration to every hyphens out there. The no.1 baseball player for me, the guy with many talents~~ Kame, Otanjoubi Omedetou! Thank you for 27 years of existence! Thank you for your wonderful voice, your graceful moves, your smiles, your laughters, thank you for everything! If only you would know how much you influenced me. :"> I love you as much as you love baseball LOL *O* You wait for me there in Japan!! :))
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04 January 2013 @ 04:35 pm


title: an “and”

author http://l-stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif?v=99.4akameriechul
characters: Super Junior, ELF
disclaimer: How I wish I own them all. -__-
summary: 5 years after 6jib. What will happen to Super Junior?

note: This is the first fanfic that I will post on the net. Sorry for wrong grammars etc. XD It’s been a long time since I seriously wrote a fanfic, especially SJ fic. One shot only. Please leave comments and suggestions. I will really appreciate it. Please guide and help me so I can improve.Thank you. J

“Teukie-hyung, what will happen to us now?” Donghae asked as tears flowing in his face. The face his fans really love years ago.

“I don’t even know. It’s been 5 years since our last album. I really miss everyone, our ELF, and Super Junior.”Leeteuk sighed while holding the disbandment letter from sment.

“Maybe people nowadays didn’t know Super Junior.” Shindong said who’s still in the industry having many variety shows that he’s the main MC.

“If we comeback, do we still have fans? How many? Hundreds? Or less than that?” Eunhyuk said frankly. He’s holding back his tears.

“And besides, Kyuhyunnie is still in public service. We don’t even know if he still wants to comeback as a member of Super Junior. I heard there are many offerings to him, musicals, and even movies!” Donghae added.

“Aside from singing OSTs for dramas, Yesung is busy with their businesses.”Leeteuk said who’s now looking at his cellphone wallpaper, an old Super Junior photo with 13 members.

“And Heenim-hyung is busy touring all over the world with his many famous endorsements. I heard he’s going to guest on Oprah! Siwon hyung, ah~~ that horse too, is a very popular artist around the world. He’s the no.1 most handsome and sexiest man living on earth according to the latest survey of a famous magazine. Even 4 year-old kids know him.” Eunhyuk said.

“SMent send us this disbandment letter because they already debuted many groups who are really famous now. Members have different activities now, some are still really doing well, and some are not that lucky. They think that SJ should disband now.”Leeteuk said to the members who are now having this faces who can’t be painted.

“So, everything will end here?” Kangin suddenly appears out of nowhere.

“Youngwoon~ah!! It’s been a year since we last saw each other.” Leeteuk hug Kangin.

“Yah! Stop hugging me like that. I can’t breathe. So, let’s decide. It’s out of the news. I saw it on T.V. I’m shocked hearing that SJ will be disbanded so I immediately look for all of you. I knew it. I’m right, you are here. Our favorite place, where we always go after having nonstop practice when we are still trainees. Where are the others? AH! Those brats! I’ll punch them!” Kangin sat on the sand where the other members are sitting.

“Hyung, calm down. We tried to contact the rest but they didn’t reply.” Eunhyuk looked down of the sand, using his finger, like a kid, he wrote the letters “S” and “J”, and then sighed.

Leeteuk stood up and while looking at the cloudy sky, he said the word that he never thought he will say someday.

“I think it’s the time for the rest of us to walk on different ways. We don’t know if we are waiting for them. We don’t even know if someone is waiting for us. I never imagined that I will say this, but let’s move on. Maybe this is really the end” Leeteuk said softly and calmly but didn’t manage to look to the members.

“Let’s disband.” He added.

Shindong, Kangin, Donghae and Eunhyuk had goose bumps after hearing their leader.

Of all the people, they never thought that it will be Leeteuk to say that word. Disband. What a horrible word for them.

They don’t know how and what to reply. Eunhyuk who’s in deep shocked stood up and ran away, with a broken heart. Donghae followed him.

Leeteuk bursted into tears. He wants to shout and stop them. He wants to say “Stop! I’m just kidding! I don’t want SJ to disband. Let’s continue!” but he can’t. Kangin tapped him. And Shindong, who’s always one of the happiest can’t manage to say anything. He wants to comfort Leeteuk but don’t know how to.

Then rain suddenly falls. The three of them didn’t move and they are even thankful to the rain, because of that, no one can tell that they are really crying.

That day passed. To the people, it’s just a simple day. But for the five of them who met on that beach, their favorite place, it’s really a horrible day.

Few days had passed and the due date finally came. Leeteuk woke up early. He will go to sment building to submit their answer to the disbandment letter. He signed it already meaning he accepted it as a leader who’s representing the others. Thinking that they are really going to officially disband, it torns his heart. He decided to continue his solo activities as MC and host on shows. He’s popular though.

He can manage himself without the members. And besides, it’s been 3 years that he’s like that. That’s what he always says to himself to cheer him up, to forget the pain.

He rode his car and went to sment. And when he already seeing sment, the building that he spent most of his life together with the members since training years up to the time they are still together for 6th album, he saw people in front of it. He parked his car and was really shocked after realizing what’s happening. He thinks he heard some familiar voices. He felt goose bumps after hearing what the people are shouting.



He looked around and saw many placards and banners.








There are hundreds of them, no! There are thousands! Because there are thousands of people who are outside sment. He thought there’s some event for sment’s other artists. He never thought it will be because of the group he treasures the most, the one whom he protected for many years, Super Junior.

He cried. He doesn’t know what to say. Many people, no, many ELFs are crying with him.

Like a film strip playing, he remembered everything, from the time he decided to enter sment, he met the members one by one. They trained together, ate together, laughed and cried together, debuted together, performed together in different countries, live together and many more. There is this word together when he thinks of them. But now, where is this together? He thought to himself.

He misses those moments that much that it really breaks his heart and as if it can really explode, it will.

ELFs screamed loudly and it caught his attention. He saw one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.. ten? No!! ELEVEN. Eleven people. Eleven men walking towards him?

“EH?” He said in the state of shock.

“HYUNG!!!!!!” a man with the killer smile hug him so tight. He will never forget that smile. Their original cover boy, Kim Kibum.

“Leeteuk hyung, I missed you!” Kibum is holding his tears.

“Ki-kibummie~ah!” Leeteuk exploded to tears. He can’t believe what’s happening.

“Yah! Yah! Stop crying!” A man with a very milky white skin, shouted and separated the two. Biting his tongue so he wouldn’t cry and will always want to looks good on pictures, he suddenly hugs Leeteuk. “Hee..heenim?” Leeteuk’s voice was trembling.

Heenim just smiled.

“Hyung, sorry for running away last time.” Eunhyuk hug Leeteuk.

“Ah, this anchovy.” Donghae said and pushed Eunhyuk so he can hug Leeteuk too. (jealous Hae! EunHae shipper here XD)

“Sorry hyung” Hae whispered.

“Ah, what’s happening?” Leeteuk really doesn’t know how to react.

“Stop crying! It’s settle now. We are complete again. Finally.” Kangin, with quite red eyes obusely because of crying, interrupted.

Suddenly, a tall man walked towards them and shouted,

“YAH!!! LEETEUK! HYUNG! HOW DARE YOU TO SIGN THAT THING?” He’s Korean is good but quite weird to hear as if there’s something wrong.

Leeteuk and all ELFs’ eyes widened. Seeing the man whom they never really thought to come, whom every ELFs’ waited for many years, their Chinese man, Heenim’s half, Hangeng immediately hug Leeteuk.

“Hyu-hyung.” Hangeng said. While wiping his tears, he continued.

“I’m back.” Leeteuk froze and felt goose bumps.

ELFs’ eyes were really swollen. Their tears keep on flowing. They never thought that their dream to see SJ again with 13 members would really came true.

“Wait, are you all serious?” Leeteuk who’s still hesitant counted the members.

“one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven.. twelve!” He counted the members, pointing to them one by one, crying.

“Eh?? Twelve only! I knew it. We are not really complete. Who’s missing? Yesung? Where’s Yesung?” He asked.

“YAH! I’M HERE! You already counted me in. The 4th one! Babo.” Yesung stepped forward.

“So, who’s missing? Ah~~~ I’m confuse now! “ He started counting again.

“One.. seven.. eight.. nine ten eleven. Twelve. Why onl-“ He stopped. For the nth time, he cried. Seeing the banner that he’s pointing to, the members and all ELFs holding…

“To the world’s best leader, Happy Birthday Leeteuk!”

Then they sang him a happy birthday song.

“Babo. You’re the 13th  member.” Heenim said and hit Leeteuk’s shoulders.

Leeteuk suddenly whispered to himself, “Super Junior is really an AND”

With swollen eyes, they have a group hug. Not 8,9,10,11 nor 12 but 13 members. Hugging together after many years, this is what they’ve been waiting for. And for them and every ELF, their journey continues. There are maybe no certainty for what’s going to happen to them, but they had promised that they will never be apart again. As long as they are together with their beloved ELFs, they will still remain and will be forever the last fandom standing, the last men standing.


“Hyung! Wake up! We’re here.” Sungmin said to Leeteuk who’s now in really deep sleep and having a dream.

Leeteuk cried.

“You know what, Sungmin, in my dreams, we are 13 again!” He sighed.

“Hyung, are you sick?” Sungmin touched Leeteuk’s forehead.

“Of course not!”

“Then why are you dreaming that we are 13 again?” Sungmin asked while pouting.

“Why are you dreaming that we are 13 again if we are really 13 now?”  Sungmin continued.


“Aw, sorry I forgot! I still can’t believe that we are together again” Leeteuk smiled happily.

“YAH!! GET OUT OF THE CAR!! It’s our 7jib 1st performance! “

“Ah, the raccoon is getting mad again. Let’s get out!” Leeteuk hold Sungmin’s hands and gave his sweetest smile.Finally, after many years of waiting, their most awaited comeback, with 13 members… again.

Sorry, TT I didn’t review this. Again, sorry for wrong grammars, etc XD

Comments and suggestions? Questions? I will really appreciate it!

Thank you for reading! J

Please follow and add me on my accounts! XD

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23 December 2012 @ 08:36 pm
an and..

I spent 2 hours for this. XD
I suppose to post the SJ fanfic today but I'm not done yet.
19 November 2012 @ 09:48 pm
ung feeling na dahil sa nilalang na ito kaya 1 am n ako nakauwi knna dhl inantay ng ilang oras sa NAIA para lang sa ilang segundong pagrampa nia papasok ng NAIA..
ung feeling na super pagod kakatayo, kakalakad, kakatakbo masundan lng to kung nasaan man xa. haha
at ung feeling na nanginitian nia 3 TIMES!!!! TENGENE LNG. :"">
worth it ang pagod.. ubos ang pera.. 
ung feeling na naghire kami ng taxi para sundan xa kaso napigil kmi ng dakilang STOPPER (isang van >.< asar!! lapit n rn sna kmi! haha )
at ung feeling na nkasama ko n nman pgstalk sina Sakura Lee , Joyleen Banez (at miks?? tama ba? anu fb nia sakura!! XD)
:""> ang saya lng.. ndgdagan n nman mga memorable experience nmin.. 
nakakaiyk LOL kc nman d n ata kmi mkakagetover ky minho :">
2 times nakawayan sa glorietta tpos sa huling pagkakataon s NAIA bgo xa bumlik s knyang bansa (na mararating ko rn!!) KUMAWAY ULIT XA SA AMIN; POTEK. ung feeling n nsa isang entrance kmi ng-aabang tpos nung dumating n ung mga nkahazard n motor at ilang vans, aun.. PARA KMING LUMIPAD PAPUNTA S KABILA. HAHA. AT NSA UNAHAN P KMI. LMAO.
kyaaaaaaaaah.. thank u Super Junior ( O__O anak ng??? bglang SJ n nman?? haha.. ), dhl s inyo nging gnto n ako .. XDD
dakilang stalker .. LOL
Lee Minho (이민호) jagi, miss k n agad namin :"> kyaaaaaaaaah~~~ 정말 감사합니다!!! 사랑해!! <3

originally posted in fb XDD


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30 October 2012 @ 12:18 pm
JungSoo~YAH!! ~~~~~~ pls. pls be healthy when u are there. I love you more than the number of ELFs, more than the number of stars..... after 2 yrs, u'll see... that everything will not be the same anymore bcoz u will shine more even if today u shine the brightest!!! we, ELFs, will love and support u no matter what happens, u as a Super Junior member and leader and you, as Park JungSoo... we will wait for you. it's only 2 yrs... Time flies so fast~~~~~ ^^ I'm going to meet u again right?! together with 12 members? kwahahaha. 15 mebers plus the world's biggest fandom, my Pearl Sapphire Blue family... As you said, it's not the END, but an AND. GIDARILKE TEUKIE DUCK. :">




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05 August 2012 @ 01:30 am

Question: “Aside from your group members, who do you get along with?”

Jesse Lewis: Inoo Kei-kun. I recently knew that Inoo-kun and I are distant relatives. When I told him about it, he was like, “Really?!” But I’m close with all the members of JUMP, not only with Inoo Kei-kun. 

trans (c) @inoriin (twitter)

So it's confirmed! They are dating. JOKE. HAHAHAHA. NO doubt, they are distant relatives *O*
woah~~~~ i should ship them LOL both my ichiban. :">

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30 July 2012 @ 09:54 am

Happy Birthday to Boyfriend's maknae, my bias,
No MinWoo!~~~you're smile and wave to me last Saturday is like a gif that keeps on playing in my head!that's one of the best smile ever! :"">


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30 July 2012 @ 05:39 am

Before I went home. Since i'm in megamall, i tried to search for takoyaki. *o* and thankfully, i found one stall in the foodcourt!~~~~~ KYAAAAAAAAAH!~ 

but i want to eat takoyaki in Japan someday . *O*

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27 July 2012 @ 12:22 am

cdjapan shipped this on July 9, and the post office sent me a form(?) yesterday. -___-

so I went there today(July 26) to get my album. I paid 40 pesos. LOL (phew, I thought they will charge me more than that!!!!)

It took 17 days for me to have this. XDD

so happy!! ^___^ 

Can't wait to KAT-TUN's CHAIN TOUR DVD *O* (just when? hope soon!)

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17 July 2012 @ 10:25 am

Happy 20th Birthday to Shining SHINee’s maknae, my jagiya~ Taeminnie *O*

I’ll buy you more banana milk LOL

God bless always! 사랑해요 !!! :”“> 
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10 July 2012 @ 06:51 am
#HeedictatorDay Kim Heechul, for the nth time, Happy Happy Birthday! :'> Whatever decisions you'll make, im going to support and be happy for you.. even though you are Kim Heechul, I want to protect you and love you forever. I dont know what to say next bcoz words are really not enough to express hoe much i love you..*O* 
Always remember that even if I have many fandoms and biases, in the end of the day.. only Kim Heechul and Super Junior where my heart really belongs.<3
1 more year.. just 1 yr and you'll be back soon. Dont worry, we, petals/ELFs are waiting for you, Space Big Star... 사랑해!!! Happy 26th Monthsary to us!! riechul 짱!!! heenim
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04 July 2012 @ 06:19 am

 #HappyJinDay3012#supportJinAkanishi :''> 誕生日おめでとう 赤西!!! @Jin_Akanishi

Bakanishi, I know and I hope you are happy whatever you are doing! ^^ We are waiting for your comeback! :"'>

We miss you!

forever AKAME <3

bakanishi XD

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SJ and Kat-Tun

Don't know what to post first so here it is. XD

I am hardcore fangirl of KPOP and JPOP, and Super Junior and KAT-TUN are my most love groups. ^^
why? I can't explain how great they are.. *O* 
They are my inspiration.

My favorite member/ichiban/bias:
from SJ:
Kim Heechul


from KAT-TUN:
Kamenashi Kazuya


aren't they pretty? kwahahahah..

that's all. ^^

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